If you are a kid born in the 1990s (or even in the mid to late 1980s, we’re all for diversity and inclusion…), then you will have been raised on a steady diet of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, wrestling, and video games.
And more often than not, you still feel an unexplainable yearning for those simpler times before the internet took over our lives – you know, a time when we used to still play outside, get some sunlight, take our bumps like men would, and yet be at the forefront of the internet revolution. Oh boy, those were the days.

Next to dogs and cats, arcade games are one of the most enduring memories of our childhood. Dogs for being there for you, always, no matter what. And arcade for pure fun and entertainment. And just like not any shock collar will do for a good walk with your dog, nor will just any arcade guarantee a drive down memory lane.

The days when we used to bug our parents to give us change to play Time Crisis at Dave and Buster’s really hearken to a time of innocence. And this is why we are coming up with a list of 5 arcade games from the 90s that will bring out the kid in all of us.

1. The Street Fighter Series

Well, Street Fighter was the undisputed fighting game franchise of the 90s – many came close, some may claim to have overtaken the franchise, but it was the Street Fighter franchise that was the undoubted champion of the 90s (sorry, Tekken – the next decade would be yours). Everybody will have had memories of how fun it was beating the game and unlocking secret characters, and emulating moves we saw from Ryu and Guile in real life – and how badly we wanted to beat M. Bison and the whole Shadaloo clan. Some things just can never be forgotten.

2. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z, the video game, was spun off of the popularity of the original Japanese anime television show that captured the hearts and minds of many a 90’s kid back in the day – don’t be ashamed to admit it, you know all the characters and you remember all the storylines with great fondness – and nothing is wrong with nostalgia. Well, the game that was released on the Super Nintendo was also just as much of a classic – whether you did the story mode or battled friends on versus, you will definitely get chills running down your spine reliving memories from a not so distant past.

3. The Ever-Present And Lovable Pac-Man

This is one of the stunning games which you most definitely have played at least once in your lifetime especially if you are a 90’s kid – everybody remembers this iconic game with reverence and with fond memories. We needn’t say more about it – playing this game is almost coded into our DNA as the nursery rhymes of the whole video game industry.

4. Before The Pg Era, There Was Wwf Wrestlefest

Wrestling was a different beast altogether in the 90s – it was enjoying its most popular time then, with the competing promotions of the WWE, WCW, and ECW, among thousands upon thousands of promotions all over the world and in Japan. There was no better time to be a wrestling fan in the 90’s, and many a kid who used to watch wrestling (me included) were fed on a steady diet of wrestling action, wrestling figures, and wreslting games. And WrestleFest was THE first game that we really all came to know and love as children that served as the bedrock of today’s 2k series (that, quite frankly, isn’t as fun). Boy, wrestling then was just something else.

5. A True Nba Classic – Nba Jam

NBA Jam truly revolutionized the way we play basketball arcade games – it is one of the world’s greatest best-selling video games for a very good reason, whether it be in cabinet form or in console form. Its popularity is such that it was subsequently reprinted for newer consoles such as the PlayStation, among others; which is proof positive of its enduring popularity among videogamers of all ages.